climbing in malea

A variety of routes suitable for all skill levels

In Vatika the climbers will find many different routes between the vertical cliffs being erected up to the Cape Maleas.

The climbing park of Cape Maleas in Zobolo has to offer many different routes which have different difficulty. The rocks are of excellent quality making climbing safer, the unique view and the topography varies such as to form many different routes. In Zobolo, where has been made the first opening, there are 230 different routes, fully equipped for training up to experienced climbers.

The climbing field has south facing and the summer is exposed to the sun from 11 am until 6 pm. Climbing these times are prohibitive. For the remaining months, especially from November to April, climbing is ideal to the field.

Other fields that have been investigated have shade at all summer is Lykokremos at northeast s. The field of Hioni has 30 trails and the summer has shade until 2 pm, the field Kotroni has shade from 12 noon. On all these fields attempts have been made from the Association and the Municipality of Monemvasia, to built trails for easy access and opening routes.

You can contact Panagiotis Livanos at 6972697754 or Tadoulos Giorgos at 6982077826 for accommodation and receiving materials, Dimitri Titopoulos who has opened the first routes with George Kouki at tel 6972247452.

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