Hiking Routes

Vatika indicated for hiking since it combines hilly and coastal areas of intense landscapes offering visitors multitude of different images.

A large network of hiking paths opened up by former municipality of Vatika reviving the paths followed by the local residents to communicate and visit the villages. There are 14 paths to visit someone who are on older trails and lpart of them on dirt roads or asphalt roads.

In signage, for the convenience of hikers there are small signs at key points that indicate the beginning of the path, the time required by someone to complete it and the name of the route. At the same time along the route there are red marks on rocks and more to indicate the course which you must follow .

Take all safety measures to to visit them. Avoid the hours that is very hot during the summer months and equip yourself with enough water. Not recommended for young children and the elderly.

Map of hiking routes

One of the most known pathways, unrivaled natural beauty is D14 leading to Cape Maleas and D10 leading from Velanidia to the lighthouse of Maleas. Both can be shortened because part of them is over a dirt road passable by car.

D10 – Velanidia – Lighthouse of Maleas

Αποφύγετε τις ώρες 10πμ με 5μμ τους καλοκαιρινούς μήνες γιατί επικρατεί αρκετή ζέστη. Ακολουθήστε τα κόκκινα σημάδια για το μονοπάτι. Προσοχή στην αρχή του, κινηθείτε προς την θάλασσα από τον Άγιο Μύρο για να συνεχίσετε!

D14 Agia Marina – Agia Eirini Malea


Map Route Distance Time
D10 – Velanidia – Lighthouse of Maleas

D14 Agia Marina – Agia Eirini Malea

8.3 km.

5.5 km.


2h. 15′

D1: Neapoli – Paradeisi

D2: Neapoli – Mesochori

D4: Mesochori – Faraklo


3.8 km.

4.9 km.

1.9 km.

1h.50′ up. & 1h.20′ down

2h.10′ up & 1h.50′ down


D5: Faraklo – Paradeisi

D5a: Connection of D5 with D8

D5b: Connection of D5 with D8 and D9

3.4 km.

2.1 km.

1.1 km.




D3: Neapoli – Prophitis Elias 12.8 km. 4h.30′
D6:Kampos – Ano Kastania

D7: Ano Kastania – Kato Kastania

8.3 km.

2.5 km.


1h.10′ up & 50′ down

D8:Kato Kastania – Agios Nikolaos

D9:Kato Kastania – Velanidia

7.7 km.

10 km.



D11: Velanidia – Agia Marina

D12: Agios Nikolaos – Prophitis Elias

D13: Prophitis Elias – Agia Marina

6 km.

7.4 km.

4 km.

2h. 30′

2h. 30′