Unique beach

With the red of the rock in the background

Aspes is an amazing beach between the small settlements of Korakas and Profitis Elias.

With the sharp rock to stand behind her, black sand, bright blue waters offers to the visitor unique moments. Scattered rocks show the intense morphological activity of the sea, the water and the wind and give the beach a wild beauty. On the western side of the beach there is a small path between the rocks to get down to the beach.



  • Neapolis 14.1 km. (via Prophitis Elias, 13.4 km.Άσφαλτος and 700 m.Χωματόδρομος)
  • Agios Nikolaos 6.3 km.(via Prophitis Elias, 5.4 km.Άσφαλτος and 700 m.Χωματόδρομος)
  • Prophitis Elias 1 km. (300 m.Άσφαλτος and 700 m.Χωματόδρομος)
  • Korakas 1.3 km. (200 m.Άσφαλτος and 1.1 km.Χωματόδρομος)