Pounta – Pavlopetri

magical beach

In an idyllic location

The beautiful beaches of Pounta and Pavlopetri give intense emotions to the visitor.

It is sure that is one of the best of Greece and you should visit it to feel the relaxation that offers! Over one kilometer beach with golden sand, views to Elafonisos, a wetland, lake Stroggili and a sunken city, the Pavlopetri, aged about 5 millenniums! Swim in the golden waters, climb the sand dunes behind it, relax under the unique cedrus trees, visit the small wetland and walk the canal that connects the lake to the sea, next to the ancient cemetery of Pavlopetri which was a street over 5000 years ago.

The beaches of Pounta and Pavlopetri are located next to Vigklafia, across of Elafonisos. Right next to the small harbor where the boat leaves for Elafonisos starts Pounta beach and from there starts a small dirt road that leads to the inner part, near the beach Pavlopetri, the archaeological site and the lake. Near the taverns and the rooms for rent inside the village starts another road that leads to the inner part and near Pavlopetri.