The trilogy of beaches

With a view of Kythira

The unique beach of Rismari in the south of Agios Nikolaos is located in a small bay near the fishing villages of Korakas and Prophitis Elias and very close to the beach of Aspes.

Popular among residents of Agios Nikolaos with shallow turquoise waters and thin sand impresses the visitors. Essentially there are two small sandy embraces with moderate difficulty for approaching from the dirt road that passes a little higher. Depending on the weather, the beach is formed as to the amount of sand that has.



  • Neapolis 13.8 km.(via Korakas, 13.4 km.Άσφαλτος and 400m.Χωματόδρομος)
  • Agios Nikolaos 6.1 km.(via Korakas, 5.7 km.Άσφαλτος and 400m.Χωματόδρομος)
  • Prophitis Elias 1.7 km. (300 m.Άσφαλτος and 1.4 km.Χωματόδρομος)
  • Korakas 600 m. (200 m.Άσφαλτος and 400 m.Χωματόδρομος)