Nature at Vatika has given a unique privilege. Multitude of caves and gulchs are scattered throughout the area. Other smaller and unexplored, other larger and mapped as the Kastania Cave in Kastania. The time to its artistic dimension, gave incredible designs of stalactites and stalagmites that decorate all these caves in many colors.

Click on the image above in order to see the cave of Agios Andreas!


Some of the caves fpund in Vatika area: 

Gulch Meimetis, Cave Apsifi, Cave Valospilia, Gulch Megalos Peristerias, Gulch Mikros Peristerias, Gulch Peristerias at Kakosouli, Cave Sklavos, Cave Megali Spilia, Cave of Pounta, Cave of Tsalavouteiko mantri, Gulch at German Observatory, Cave of Agioi Anargiroi

Cave Map

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