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Presenting the most important sights of Chersonese Malea

The museum of Neapolis was recently opened to the public.

The Exhibition of the Museum of Neapolis, Voies, includes sculptures, inscriptions, funerary stelae, and vessels. Its core was formed by the Archaeological Collection of Neapolis but it also includes finds from other areas of the province of Epidauros Limera, which identifies geographically with the Malea peninsula.

The resemblance that the floor plan of the exhibition hall had with the outline of the Malea peninsula as well as with the route of the journey of an ancient traveller, became the foundation for the Exhibition’s design.

The tour begins in the northwestern area of the peninsula and ends in its northeastern coastal area. To their right, visitors follow the ancient coastal sites; and, to their left, visitors may view the ancient inland sites. That geographical flagging is also indicated in color (blue for the coastal areas; pale yellow for the inland sites; and red for the urban areas).

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Wednesday – Monday(08:30 – 15:30)
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