Nautical Museum of Neapolis

the nautical museum

Presenting the most significant professional tradition of the locals

The Museum for the Promotion and Showcasing of Nautical Tradition at Neapoli today hosts numerous objects of seamanship of the Greeks and the locals and tries to bring out interactively tradition of seamen as a popular profession career at Vatika. For more information and your visit please contact 2734360100 at working days and hours or 2734023040 at operating hours.

With more than 15.000 km of shoreline today, Greece developed and kept for centuries a privileged relationship with the liquid element, that was to decisively influence its historical course. In our special homeland, Vatika of Laconia, nautical tradition had the fortune to be born under the shadow of a real legend, Cape Maleas.

A modern and complete exhibition space plays today a very important part here: to honour all those who shaped this land’s destiny fighting with the waves. Or else, tell one more nautical tale, a story of many protagonists. Simply and graphically, as only sea people know.

With texts, images and exhibits, the Nautical Museum is attempting a multifaceted presentation of its subject on the following basic axes:

  • Knowing Vatika: A tour around the main sights of the area, combined with a quick historical recursion make the first connections between the land and the visitor.
  • Approaching Cape Maleas: The legend of the area was praised in awe in literature, sung by the popular muse and left an indelible imprint on nautical tales.
  • Vatika sailing: The decisive turn of Vatika people to the sea founded close relationships with other shipping centres, secured material wealth, influenced the social structure and shaped conscience and character. Once the only way of professional rehabilitation, today a valuable heritage…




  • Guided tours for groups of over 20 people are available upon arrangement.
  • For information, please contact us at +30 2734 360100 during business hours and days, as well as at +30 2734 023040 for museum operating hours.