Geopark of Agios Nikolaos

The petrified forest of Lakonia

Of unique geological interest

The petrified palm forest of the coastal zone of Agios Nikolaos is included to the Atlas of Geological Monuments of the Aegean and claims strongly a place in the Network of Geoparks in Europe.

In coastal sites Agia Marina, Korakas and Spitha, the petrified witnesses of a distant past hold the secrets and codes of their era . According to a study by Professor Evangelos Velitzelos, Director of Historical Geology – Paleontology of the University of Athens in fossiliferous positions of Agios Nikolaos the findings are unique in Europe and invaluable scientific importance.

Geological disturbances, earthquakes and volcanic activity led to the fossilization of the paleoflora of the region, millions of years before our era. The organic matter of trees, plants and mollusks, have been replaced molecule by molecule from solution of silicon and calcium in a patient process that took place under the sea.

Root nodes reaching 1m in diameter and numerous fossilized creatures have been preserved in a large area of the coast of Agios Nikolaos and is a priceless geological museum that wins its place among the monuments of nature.

In order to visit it head from Agios Nikolaos to the picturesque small fishing harbor of Profitis Elias. Shortly before there is a sign that says to Agia Marina and Petrified Forest. Follow the road for 3.3 km to reach the monument. Intermediates you will find an information stand for the geological park, just before you reach the church of Agia Marina.

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