Cape Maleas


The legendary promontory

The Cape of Maleas, also known as Kavomaleas, Kavomalias and Saint Angelo, is a legendary cape. It is the end of the Parnonas mountainous volume leading southeast to Mirtoo Sea and the sea of Kythera.

Its geographical position is such that it is an important passage for the sea trade. The ships turn in front of the cape to move either north to the Aegean and the Black Sea, or to the western Mediterranean. Because of strong winds, which almost always blow in the region, the crossing of cape Maleas always threaten so that has become the nightmare of seafarers. Stravon, geographer of antiquity, says: ” If you decided to pass the cape of Maleas forgot that you had family. Karkavitsas, a Greek novelist, in the “Words of the bow” says “The storms of Cape Malea are not made by the wind. I will tell you. The storms of Maleas are not due to the wind … the haunts do. “

A place of devoutness that the large volume of Cape ends in the blue of the sea. In the cape there are remains of older churches and surviving temples, buildings of abbey and sketes as of Osios Thomas of Maleas. To visit the cape follow the hiking trail D14 which starts from Agia Marina and ends at Agia Eirini on the cape.

On the northern side of the cape there is no way to approach the tip of the cape but the hiking trail D10 starting from Velanidia brings us to the Cape Maleas Lighthouse, a unique monument that protects and notifies the ships to bypass the Cape of Maleas.