Piso Ai-Giorgis

St. George behind the mountain

Inside the forest of ancient fir trees

The church of Piso Ai-Giorgis is in a beautifull landscape deep in a valley of lush vegetation.

Belonging to the beautifull village of Agios Nikolaos and locating behind the mountain, took its name from the word Piso, meaning behind. The church is located next to the ruins of three temples that predate at the spot and supplemented the monastery that existed. Inside the temple, placed in the 13th century, unique frescoes have survived but the eyes of the saints has been destroyed probably by conquerors. These frescoes have different thematic areas and unique representations that rarely meet.

A very special pilgrimage to a holy and peaceful environment. One of the most beautiful, devout sites of wild vegetation hosting the visitor.The chapel of Agios Georgios, also named Piso Ai Giorgis, assuage among huge trees. At his feet lies a large natural threshing floor and a clearing. The church was formerly the main church of a monastery and is next to the remains of three other churches. This set reminiscent of the successive building phases of the temples in the Pentagia of Mani.

The temple and the surfaces of the temple have been covered by construction materials and partially destroyed unfortunatelly. At mid 14th century we should place the decoration of Agios Georgios, though provincial monument seems to follow the standards of the major centers of the Late Byzantine monuments of Peloponnisos. The eyes of the saints in the frescoes have been destroyed probably by conquerors. According to testimonies of local residents here women and children have been murdered during the Ottoman occupation.