Exactly as it still happens in lot of households in our area, likewise in our tavern we bake our own bread and we produce the olive oil and the wine.

The meat used in our dishes is always fresh and locally produced. The same applies also with the diary produce, the honey and most of the vegetables.

In general, all the ingredients we use, are always the best possible and the have been chosen with great care.

Our desserts are homemade and so are the liqueur, the yoghurt (whenever we find fresh milk), the olives, the pies and everything else we offer…

…and we are still single!

Apostolis MarakakisApostolis Marakakis
21:14 13 Jul 24
The restaurant is located in a mountain village with narrow roads and turns. When you arrive you have to decide where to park your car because there is only parking for 5 cars. The food is aimed at tourists who do not know Greek cuisine. Personally, I paid a lot for the bones rather than the meat for the lamb I got in the greaseproof paper. The lemon pork was braised and not lemony. His sweets were very nice and special!
Auricchio GuidoAuricchio Guido
12:45 10 Jul 24
The gyros is excellent, but also the Cesar salad. Abundant choriatica, accompanied by toasted bread, oil and rosemary. A laughing and kind blonde waitress.
Dimitris LivanosDimitris Livanos
17:52 05 Jul 24
Traditional and modern foods and sweets. Both excellent.I recommend the traditional ones.Staff friendly and willing.It's worth a visit.
Panagiotis MoutsatsosPanagiotis Moutsatsos
20:00 22 Jun 24
Amazing!!! Be sure to check it out if you're in the area. All products local. Everything is handmade: the yogurt and the bread and the ice cream! The defects of the pentanostome. Try the dolmades in genderbasil!!! It is the definition of gourmet without pretending to be!!!!
sugar sugarouladsugar sugaroulad
09:47 25 Feb 24
Very good and the tea is disgusting.
Neoklis DelegosNeoklis Delegos
15:08 09 Jan 24
Decoration as if it came out of a Greek movie. At least that's what I remember from 2010 (?) when I came. Must come. I remember the canteen in Simos.
Niki NifliNiki Nifli
15:17 05 Jan 24
ilias kroupisilias kroupis
17:22 26 Nov 23
Place, flavors and people special. Ice creams and sweets that the palate cannot imagine!!!
Manos VamvacoussisManos Vamvacoussis
20:27 30 Oct 23
Sotiris TsourtosSotiris Tsourtos
09:23 20 Sep 23
The place was really a one of a kind experience. We arrived there after a suggestion of our hotel owner. The way to the village is difficult but it was definitely worth it.The atmosphere is very dreamy, with the decorated pumkings hanging over the roof, amazing sunset view and plants and herbs and flowers all around the restaurant garden.The staff is extremely friendly and warm and they seem doing this out of family care and genuine hospitality passion. Don't forget to read their first few pages from their menu and you will understand better their philosophy and mission, i'm not gonna bother you here.The food. The food was amazing and one of the best i had in the Peloponnese. Lots of seasonal vegetables and local cheeses, traditional recipes and generous portions. We had a lot of appetizers, the local fried pita, a selection of local cheeses with homemade fig jam and then the pork shank for two to share. Even though we overordered there was nothing left at the end. The quality was so good that we couldn't stop eating. At the end, even though full to the brim we still ordered deserts as the place is also famous for that. They were amazing as well, very mouthful but not overly sweet or stuffy. They accompanied them with a small carafe of their homemade walnut liquor on the house.At the end and after we paid our bill they even offered us a jar of quince spoon dessert "glyko tou koutaliou" from their "sister" pastry shop in Neapoli for free to take with us and remember them.. That to say how sweet and warm people they are.Unfortunately we didn't manage to visit also the pastry shop but I'm sure it would have worth it.A must visit restaurant and for us will be in our hearts until we manage to eat there again
giro 71giro 71
20:58 27 Aug 23
Beautiful restaurant, we were here last year and we came back to Greece and one of the reasons is this restaurant. Don't miss it. Pictures talks. Better to book.Second time in 3 days. Picture added, the lamb with apricots and almonds was more than beautiful.
12:01 16 Oct 22
This is one of the famous places to eat in the area. However, there are things to like and things that can be improved.Things liked:1. Very good food at reasonable prices.2. Menu written in many different languages.3. Traditional Greek food, a nice place for visitors to taste local recipes.What I didn't like:1. Inexistent parking space. There is only space for 3 or 4 cars, some of which are taken by the owners or staff. During the summer months it is very likely that you search for a parking space for a while and in the end park on the street.2. It's a pity that you can't accompany the tasty food with a nice wine... There is no wine list (at least I wasn't given one) and the only option is the house wine which you drink in the ordinary glasses (no wine glasses).3. I found the overall atmosphere somewhat pretentious, but this is just a personal thing.3,5 stars (for the parking and the wine), but highly recommended.
Angellyn AAngellyn A
18:27 22 Jul 22
The best food that I ate during my vacation this summer. Everything was super delicious and home-made. There was a quite big delay with the main dishes, but I think it was just an isolated case. They apologised many times for that and they treated us ice-cream (also home made) because of that. I wish it could be closer to visit it again. Totally recommended by a foodie! Congrats for the good quality and the tasty food!
Maria ChisMaria Chis
07:11 06 Jul 22
Once we entered the terrasse we could feel the amazing atmosphere this restaurant has. The meniu is hand written with little drawings of the food, I personally loved the meniu. We made a reservation and I would advices you to do the same, because the terrasse will get full.The people serving us were very nice and friendly, they brought us the food really quick, but as more people came they started moving a bit slow. The lemonade was incredible.We ordered tzatziki, greek salad, zucchini flower stuffed with rice, both types of pasta and the goat with apricots & almonds. Everything was delicious. My favorite dish was the pasta filled with pumpkin.The prices were also really good, for 4 persons we have spend the least since we are in this zone of Greece.Definitely coming back here.I recommend you stop by.

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