In a quiet, clean recently renovated place at the seaside you can enjoy our fresh fish,grilled octopus, homemade food and our traditional appetizers made by us.

– Wonderful varieties of meat and seafood.

– Grilled Octopus

– Our fish are all from Elaphonissos – Cape Malea – Kythira

– The meat is fresh from our region

– We use Virgin olive oil of our region

The three pillars of our success :


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We visited the shop on April 18. We were 3 families with children, even though the store had to serve a school, the service was very fast!!! We got fish, octopus and shrimps which were very fresh and very nicely cooked. The children ate moussaka and grilled meats which were delicious. We also tried the local mezes that they suggested to us, which are made by themselves, and they were very tasty. It is the third time we have visited the shop and its quality and prices remain stable. Definitely worth a visit when you are in Naples.
Christos ProChristos Pro
17:46 18 Apr 24
Very bad food and has hair in it
Death GorerDeath Gorer
12:07 18 Apr 24
The food was bad it had hair in it and the portions are small.
Unacceptable professional behavior and rudeness from a lady serving and taking orders (probably the owner). In the absence of other options we were forced to endure from her, a delay of half an hour for ordering and another 20 minutes for the food accompanied by irony and blatant indifference on her part while she served other tables of locals, quickly and promptly. The food was not bad, while the shrimp is not good.
Othonas TselikakisOthonas Tselikakis
09:22 20 Mar 24
High prices on saganaki shrimp (frozen), octopus, fries (very small quantity for €4.50). You pay a lot for what they offer.
Nancy DelisleNancy Delisle
13:25 03 Jan 24
Very nice restaurant but that's all. I have eaten everywhere else and the portions were much larger. However, I eat little but there is a limit in the service all the same. Here there is no accompaniment with the plates, if you order a dish it is without fries or anything else, just bread. Damage…
Ilias Loui De ManeIlias Loui De Mane
07:38 30 Dec 23
Yiannis KourkoulisYiannis Kourkoulis
15:37 25 Nov 23
matteo Cavematteo Cave
15:34 18 Nov 23
Very good fish soup, fast and friendly service.... Highly recommended
Mi Da FloMi Da Flo
08:34 04 Aug 23
Very good food. It's the second year we come here.Ask for the dishes of the day.We've had lovely vegetarian dishes and fish or sea food. Our son loves pastitsio and here is the best, according to him.
Stefan TrajkovskiStefan Trajkovski
07:49 27 Sep 22
On our way across Peloponnese we decided to stop over in Neapoli. We saw this place and were like: "why don't we have a look at what they offer?". And boy did they have something to offer!!!The fish was out of this world!!! 🤯We had some Balas and it was grilled to perfection all the way! We also has some kalamari and the meat was super soft and fresh, while the battering on the outside was perfectly crunchy. 👌Also, the staff are genuine and kind. Very open towards "non-regular" visitors. You can have a look at the fish before it is cooked and served without anyone becoming "upset".Compared to what you pay, this is an absolute bargain. If I could give this place 10 stars, I would.PS: You know a fish restaurants is very good when they anticipate that you will use your hands to eat the delicious fish and then they provide you with a foot-pedal-operated sink in the toilet to wash your hands.
Enrico KnollEnrico Knoll
15:04 27 Sep 19
It's ok, much better than others!
Peter BachtisPeter Bachtis
09:29 03 Aug 19
This is authentic home cooked Greek village food. The cooks are from the village of Agios Nikolaos, preparing high quality meals the traditional way. Ask your waiter for the specials of the day...we had the stuffed aubergines, filled with a sublime mince sauce (papoutsakia)...freshly prepared fried calamari, and a Village salad, drizzled with extra virgin olive oil...grown on the slopes of Agios Nikolaos. An ice cold beer and the breeze blowing across the bay made our visit a memorable experience. A worthy five stars!

Restaurant – Tavern



Akti Vion, Neapoli, 23053