Amidst the blooming of the old watermills

Paradeisi is a unique old settlement built within a green landscape beneath a source of water and sharp rocks that rise above it. It is known for the old watermills that operated there until lately.

At the highest point of the village is the church of the Assumption together with other, newer however, buildings of the old monastery. The waters of the source used by the inhabitants to the watermills that were in their homes. For this and if someone visit Paradeisi initially will struggle to see the number of houses and ruins since the settlement has been built at a lower height of a ravine. So that water passing from one mill to the next was driven at lower height. A beautiful paved path leads around the mills, houses and ruins that indicate the prosperity of Paradeisi and the grinding of grain fed to Vatika.

The club of Paradeisi has now restore one mill and a building transporting the visitor back in time.