Prophitis Elias

The Prophet Elias of the Sea

The unique natural harbor

The small fishing settlement Prophitis Elias overlooks the sea and Kythira island that are southern.Built on the coast south of Agios Nikolaos is the last village before someone reaches Agia Irini and cape of Maleas.

The nature succeeded in sculptiring a natural harbor between sharp cliffs, shelter for fishermen of the area and anyone that fate brought him there. The name of the village is due to the Byzantine church of Prophet Elias standing on a rock that floats just above the small harbor. Amazing images of the blue sea, the blue sky, the gray rock and white boats which really captivate the visitor. Images that under the light of the sun rtavel us through time, habits of residents and legends of the sea.

From Profitis Elias we return to the street and little north will move easttowards the Petrified Forest, the path to the Cape Maleas and Agia Irene. To the west and following the dirt road we move towards Aspes, Rizmari and the fishing village of Korakas.