The Vatika, the area which took its name from the ancient king Voias, is located on the south end of Parnonas mount that ends at Cape Maleas. Vatika are habitable by Early Helladic times and this is testified by the oldest submerged town in the world Pavlopetri, the scattered mycenaean tombsand many archaeological finds.

Today, Neapoli, built on the ruins of ancient Voies, next to the sea, is the “capital” of the region. Scattered there are many small villages, some of them in the plain of Vatika, and many others “climbed” to the mountains, each with its own unique character and colors.

Vatika is a place of intense agricultural activity, which produces excellent extra virgin olive oil, the unique Vatika’s onion and many other agricultural products. At the same time, strong is the element of fishing from the bay of Vatika, the sea of Kythera and Myrtoo sea, the seas that surround the region.

The sharp contrasts in morphology give to the place a unique charcter. Within few square kilometers mountains arehosted and the fertile plain of Vatika leading to the bay and the island of Elafonisos. Small lakes and canyons, valleys, capes and peninsulas emerge in the sea making a fairytale-like scenery. Nature has been generous and has given also plenty caves and potholes, as the Kastania Cave, and geological formations, such as the Geopark of Agios Nikolaos (petrified forest of Agia Marina) and scattered petrified trees.