Agios Nikolaos

the frontier village

Gazing at the sea of Kythira

Agios Nikolas is one of the biggest and the most beautifull villages of Vatika. It is located on the south side of the mount Krithina, the highest mountain of Vatika, and overlooks Kythera, and Crete, when the weather permits it.

It’s the last village before Kavomaleas and Agia Eirini. The village owes its name to the namesake temple which stands near the entrance of the village and over the road.

Lush vegetation and small old houses built on hills icreate a beautiful landscape and a lovely village that is worth to visit and walk in the small streets which start left and right of the main road and lead to lower and mainly highest points and offer wonderful view. The activities of the people is fishing, agriculture, shipping and livestock.

From Agios Nikolaos, either from the peripheral road, or from the main village street, move southeast on the road to Kavomalea to visit the beaches Rizmari, Aspes, Lygia, Pigadi, the petrified forest of Agia Marina and the small fishing villages Korakoas and Prophitis Hlias with homonym chapel and the natural harbor.