The old capital

The balcony of Vatika

The Faraklo is one of the two villages in the mountains that stand over Neapolis and from this you can enjoy the view of the plain, the bay, but also Elafonisos and Cythera islands.

Perched at 450 meters offers beautiful view that is why it also called the balcony of Vatika. The small streets lead to many old houses, other preserved better, other ruins, that testify the growth of the village in older years and legends come alive that you will hear from elders of the village.

In order to visit it you shall pass Mesochori, the neighboring village which enjoys the view to the bay. However the village had formerly two separate accesses from Neapolis. The inside and the outside street. The outside street is a dirt road that leads to the cemetery of the village, in the western part of the village and the inside street is no longer open and was ended in the eastern part of the village, the church Mirtidiotissa.

The village was built around the 15th century by the Venetians and flourished. During the Turkish occupation was the capital of the region where the commander and connoisseur of Islamic law installed (tower of Ho’tza). In the wider region of Faraklo Byzantine churches are preserved , other ruins and other in better condition with a few surviving murals, and post-Byzantine churches. After the revolution Faraklo became the seat of the municipality of Maleas.