Unrivaled view

Gazing at the sea, Elafonisos, and Kythira

Right above the Neapolis stands the village of Lachi. Built in a place that has visual access to the bay of Vatika and the passage of Kythera offers magnificent view to visitors.

Extends for 800 meters at the road leading to the Kavomalea. The village is inhabited by about 500 people and Agios Charalambos is the church that dominates the central part of the village.

Countless stairs pop left and right of the axis of the road, lead the visitor at the homes of the village enjoying views to the sea, islands and sunset.

Just before entering the village from Neapolis are Kalenia or Fleva as the locals call it. There are an old and a newer temple dedicated to the Virgin. Just below the temples is a source of a water throughout the year which quench their thirst guests under the shade of the trees that surround it. Stop a little on the benches overlooking the plain and bay of Vatika and enjoy.

The Lahi is a crossroad to next destinations. Move north of the Kalenia, just before entering the village from Neapoli and visit Paradeisi, Kastanies and the cave of Agios Andreas. Continue east towards the villages of Malea or turn right just after the end of the village, at the cemetery and proceed south to La to get to Palaiokastro with the small coves and beaches up to Miniones.