unmatched beauty

Gazing at the Mirtoan Sea

Velanidia village is located near the end of Maleas’ peninsula, on the eastern side of the mountain Krithina and overlooks Myrtoo Sea.

Initially the settlement was built in 1718 to “Paliokamares”, as evidenced by the ruins near the church of Agios Panteleimonas, who was the main church of Velanidia until the temple of Myrtidiotissa built. The establishment of the village in that location was done presumably around 1770, with the installation of fugitives from Spetses after Orlofika. In one aspect, and according to archaeologist Chaslak,in that area is placed the ancient city of Sidis, and more specifically in the little bay of Agios Georgios located east towards Cape Maleas.

From Velanidia moving southeast, you can visit the north side of Cape Maleas and the Lighthouse. Built in 1860 is one of the oldest but also one of the most perfect in the Mediterranean. The end of mount Parnonas to the sea, where the 600 meters of mountain meet sharply Myrtoo Sea where many boats sunk and met the silence of the deep. The edge of Greece worshiped and sung from ancient times until today like no other water trail.

On the way to the lighthouse you can see many old churches, such as Aghios Myronas, ruined windmills and small beaches. Above the Agios Myrros is the german observatory remnant of the WWII german occupation.